Wedding Images That Inspire Warmth & Joy

For Couples Who Value The Genuine Moments

It's more than just the photos. It's about creating a lasting memory.

It's common for couples to worry about missing out on the magical candid moments.

The L&L Brand is all about capturing those real, raw emotions and genuine reactions that bring your story to life.

So, sit back and relax, as you feel the joy of your wedding day.

Knowing you'll experience that same happiness every time you look at your photos.

I know I have successfully done my part, when the face of my couples light up looking at authentic moments from their wedding day.

The laughs at speeches, the tears during dances, the awe when you walk down the aisle, I live for those mementos. 

Being able to feel the genuine emotion by looking at photos, is truly a special experience. And that's exactly what I want for you.

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"Did That Really Happen?"...

Meet Shuhrat

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Shuhrat's Journey

...that's my favorite reaction of the couples I work with

Relive The Epic Candid Moments

The Process

"Shuhrat was able to navigate successfully through all the hectic situations that are natural with a wedding

-Disha & zolok

Your Wedding Day is Incredibly Special and Unlike Any Other.

Just Like You

And I live for it!!

I love knowing couples and their incredible journey that led to this beautiful celebration.

Imagine having the peace of mind that the person documenting your day is not a stranger. But, someone you've connected with before.

Someone who has taken the time to know the little details that truly matter to you.

Memories That Give You

 A Cozy Sense Of Home

Wedding Photography in Michigan as seen on

"We were on a tight schedule on our wedding day and Shuhrat was able to fit in so many wonderful pictures.

-Jithmi & Will

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Read the blog on Disha & Zolok's Ethnic wedding

Imagine your wedding photographs being a true reflection of you and your culture. As someone who comes from South-East Asia, I can relate to my ethnic clients on a personal level.  

Planning an ethnic wedding is fun! But it gets even more exciting when you have the right vendors and resources by your side. Vendors that have a deep love and appreciation for the diverse cultures.

Working with a Wedding and Engagement Photographer in Michigan with an Ethnic background will make the journey as beautiful as the destination for you.

Planning an Ethnic Wedding?

One of the best things about doing wedding photography in Michigan is the gorgeous venues. I am positive all the Michigan photographers will agree with me. As I live near Detroit, I feel more connected to the venues in Metro Detroit. But the whole state is full of beautiful locations and makes the job of a wedding photographer in Michigan very easy.

Resources for a Michigan Wedding