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that Loves Genuine Moments and Heartfelt Laughter

5 years ago, if you had told me I would be here today, I would have called you crazy. But one day, my husband handed me a camera as a gift, and here I am!

 I’ve always loved the simple yet meaningful things. The moments that catch you off guard- they’re my jam! 

Through life's twists and turns, I ended up in Michigan as an immigrant. It wasn't long before Michigan won me over with its quiet and calm vibe.

If you are looking for an easy-going and intimate approach to your wedding memories, I think we will fit perfectly together. 

I'm Shuhrat, a Michigan-based Wedding Photographer. Michigan is my comfort place, and I've covered weddings all over, from small towns to big cities. Whether it's the shore of the Great Lakes, or the heart of vibrant Detroit, I'm dedicated to telling your love story in every corner of this amazing state.

"I don't want photos that look Stiff or Awkward"

If this is what you are thinking, I got you!

I don’t want my clients to worry about emotionless photos.
If you can’t connect with the sentiment of the moment, what’s even the point? 

I believe in building authentic connection with you, understanding you. In every step of the way, I am invested in you and your story

No forced laughter, stiff poses or fake smiles.

Your comfort will result in palpable memories. Memories that reflect your personal and intimate narrative. 

Client Testimonials

"Shuhrat is more than a photographer; she is someone who you want alongside the happiest day of your life"

-Dominique & Andrew

Client Testimonials

"Shuhrat is more than a photographer; she is someone who you want alongside the happiest day of your life"

-Dominique & Andrew

Venue Highlights

Michigan's got it all—serene lakesides, cozy vineyards, historic spots, and hip city spaces. Seriously, it's a gold mine for amazing venues! Check out our handpicked selection of Michigan's coolest spots, perfect for making memories that'll last a lifetime. Whether you're into waterfront vibes or urban chic, there's a venue here that's just your style.

Shinola hotel | wedding venue in detroit

Meadowbrook Hall | Wedding venue in rochester hills

Best Wedding Venues in Michigan

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Ethnic Elegance: A Personal Touch to Your Cultural Celebration

As a part of an ethnic group, I understand the significance of culture in weddings. I am from South-East Asia, and I relate to my ethnic clients on a personal level.  

Planning an ethnic wedding is fun! But it gets even more exciting when you have the right vendors and resources by your side. 

"Shuhrat also put in the effort to research and understand our cultures so she could emphasize them in the pictures as we requested"

-Melinda & Alan

Wedding Photographer, MI featured in

As a proud pet parent myself, I understand the special place our pets hold in our hearts.

Your pets bring an incredible dose of love and authenticity to your photos, and I absolutely adore having them around.

 Whether you have a sassy ginger cat or an energetic golden retriever, know that they're not just allowed – they're encouraged to join the fun!

Let's create paws-itively wonderful memories together! 📸

Meet My Pets

Life & Lights Photography Is

Pet Friendly 


Heirloom of Your Love: Transforming Pixels into Magic

Digital photos are wonderful, but prints are magical. Your wedding day deserves to be more than just a collection of pixels on a screen. Your most cherished moments should be transformed into tangible, lasting memories.

That is why I offer different types of printed artworks.

So, you can decide how you want to treasure your precious memories. 

All set!

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