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If you want an Iconic Shinola Hotel Wedding, this is where you’ll find everything you need to know!

In the heart of Detroit, on the 1400 block of Woodward Avenue, is where you’ll find this stunning hotel. The unmatched access to downtown’s top attractions while experiencing the city’s authentic character makes it stand out from all other wedding venues in Detroit.

This opulent hotel was designed for living and sharing precious moments with excellent company. It is distinguished by a timeless sense of style, friendly service, and a fascination with exceptional craftsmanship.

Thus, let’s take a deeper look at why Shinola as a wedding venue is the ideal place to take vows.


The T.B. Rayl Company constructed the primary edifice that now houses the Shinola Hotel in 1915. Rowland was known for experimenting with new design techniques and materials. Rowland would go on to create some of Detroit’s most famous buildings, including the Guardian Building, which features Pewabic tile and sculpture by Parducci.

The rooms at the hotel are tastefully decorated with various layouts; they include handcrafted millwork, unique beds, and wallpaper inspired by patterns discovered during the refurbishment process. The property combines three new structures inspired by the historic architecture of downtown Detroit with two restored structures—the old T.B. Rayl & Co. sports goods and equipment shop and a former Singer sewing machine business.

The hotel was built to restore the two structures to their original appearance and feel so they would shine in the twenty-first century. And since people are now considering it as a wedding venue, there is no doubt that this place is all shining with vintage structure and some happy memories.

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Reception and Ceremony Spaces At The Best Wedding Venue

In terms of wedding venues in downtown Detroit, the Shinola Hotel, located in the center of the city, is a welcome discovery. So, if you are planning a wedding here, anticipate the classy event with a dash of unexpectedness.

Events of every size, from small dinners to large gatherings, may be accommodated in this lively Detroit venue, with culinary provided by Chef Andrew Carmellini and NoHo Hospitality Group.

The Foundry Room, which can accommodate up to 20 guests, is an excellent location for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready and have breakfast. Or, the groom and groomsmen could consider this room too!

Their largest venue, Bixby Hall, has an elaborate white-tile roof, subtle lights, and a marble fireplace. Mirrors enhance the light and space in this magnificent dining hall, and French glass doors offer access to the outside. 100–180 persons can attend weddings and gatherings at Bixby Hall.

The airy and spacious Birdy Room conservatory, which has soaring glass ceilings, provides a verdant and calming escape from the bustle of downtown. This sunroom-style area is ideal for drink hours, marriage ceremonies, standing receptions for up to 160 guests, and small seated gatherings for up to 70 people. It also has a private garden.

Moreover, if you want to organize a very intimate yet classy ceremony for close friends and family, the private room of San Morello is perfect. High ceilings, a specific patio entry on Woodward Avenue, a standing bar, and family-style Italian dining for up to 36 people are all hallmarks of this private room.

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Shinola Hotel Wedding Cost

The Shinola Hotel provides a selection of chic and unique Detroit wedding locations. Their event professionals will collaborate with you or your wedding planner to facilitate every detail, whether you have a certain concept in mind or just need a little assistance along the way.

Unfortunately, the pricing and packages are unavailable, yet we can tell you that the approximate cost is $200 per guest, including food and beverages. So, it all depends on the number of guests you invite to your wedding.

This might sound a bit expensive to some but keep in mind that it is all worth it! You and your wedding guests can enjoy opulent Detroit lodging and on-site facilities in addition to beautiful venues and individualized treatment throughout your celebration.

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Food Services

Unquestionably, food is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding. Whatever the setting, whether it’s a cocktail reception or a formal plated dinner, the food should showcase the two of you as a pair.

For the first time, the Shinola Hotel in Detroit will feature award-winning cuisine and service from NoHo Hospitality Group and Chef Andrew Carmellini.

Since joining forces in 2009, Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard, and Luke Ostrom have built some of the nation’s favorite restaurants and eating establishments. Each restaurant has a unique identity, and they are all renowned for their excellent food, lively environment, and friendly, quality service.

Urban Italian neighborhood restaurant owned by award-winning Chef Andrew Carmellini delivers real, wood-fired meals, pizzas, and house-made pasta cooked with regional, seasonal ingredients. The seaside villages of Southern Italy and Sicily inspired the restaurant. Also, traditional American tavern offers seasonally made beverages and bar snacks.

Thus, one aspect that we are pretty sure of is; you won’t have to compromise on the menu and its quality if the wedding hosted in this hotel.

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Wedding Photoshoot Options

Is the photoshoot the most crucial aspect of your wedding? Maybe not; but when it comes to capturing your special day’s moments, a photoshoot becomes near the top of the list of things to consider!

Wedding photography is crucial because it will document your special day, preserve your memories, and tell a story, “not just any story,” but a beautiful one, about the special day you will always remember.

Hotels make very easy traditional portrait photography because the surroundings are typically breathtaking.

Yes, hotel rooms are small, and they can feel cramped with the bridal party’s decorations, makeup, and clothes. Even so, it is impossible to duplicate the energy in the room. There will undoubtedly be many priceless moments worth photographing with so many people crammed into the space. Make use of the dynamic atmosphere to write memorable memoirs.

Talking about your wedding in Shinola hotel, capture your magical moments in Parker’s alley, bustling dining, and a shopping district that is ideal for tourists and families, where local stores and live music fill the area.

Furthermore, you can have your photo shoot inside the hotel as well, with perfect lighting, gold leaf ceilings, and black trimmed windows having a beautiful view of downtown for your aesthetic pictures.

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The hotel Ballroom is a straightforward yet magnificent location to host your wedding day. Your entire family and friends may celebrate with you in this elegant venue. The Shinola Hotel is a blank canvas that you may embellish as you choose! Make cherished memories by dancing the entire night in the elegant ballroom. In every way, this Shinola hotel as a wedding venue will surpass your expectations!

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