Meadow Brook Hall

Certainly, we all opt for risk-free choices on our big day. And so, Meadow Brook Hall as a wedding venue is the perfect location to live up to your expectations! Just one glance at this venue, and you’ll
know why this mansion is considered the American fortress.
It is not only a museum or a cultural hub but the ideal place to celebrate a memorable
Michigan nuptial. The magnificent indoor and outdoor wedding venues, creative cuisine, and
first-rate service will make it the ideal day to start your eternal love.
Thus, whether you want an elegant garden marquee wedding, an open-air wedding, or a
ballroom ceremony, no location stands out like Meadow Brook Hall! So let’s keep the ball
rolling to help you discover that it’s not just a bold statement but the truth!

Romantic couple's wedding photo taken at Meadow Brook Hall

History of Meadow Brook Hall

One of the most outstanding members of the automotive aristocracy, Matilda Dodge Wilson,
the widow of automobile developer John Dodge and her long-time partner, timber merchant
Alfred Wilson constructed Meadow Brook, a National Historic Landmark.
It is the best example of Tudor restoration architecture in America, built between 1926 and
1929 for $4 million. Since Matilda Dodge created this intending to host international leaders,
business titans, and the crème de la crème of society, there are chances that attention might
be diverted to the place from the bride! She personally oversaw every aspect of its design
and construction to ensure that it wouldn’t let her down.

Infrastructure and Reception Spaces

There are indoor and outdoor event rooms available at Meadow Brook Hall to accommodate
weddings of every budget and aesthetic. Three kitchens, 25 bathrooms, and 23 bedrooms
are located within. The building’s exterior is constructed of American materials like
sandstone, brick, wood, and a clay-tiled roof. It also has 39 chimneys with distinctive
The grounds are frequently used for small gatherings like cocktail hours or private wedding
ceremonies. Moreover, a sizable event area is available on Hall’s main level for networking
and consuming cocktails and past appetizers.
The formal garden, surrounded by brick walls and traditionally known as the Breakfast Garden, is one of the most popular locations for wedding ceremonies due to its proximity to the Breakfast Room. Beautiful gardens on the estate surround it. The Great Hall, located on
the main floor greets visitors with enormous family photos and the Wilson coat of arms.
After passing through the hallway, a built-in movie theatre is located in the ballroom.
The Rock Garden is another excellent location for an outdoor Michigan wedding celebration. A
stunning fusion of open space, flower gardens, and old-world elegance. Meanwhile, large
wedding parties with a spacious dance floor for all your guests to let loose are ideal for the

Guests Capacity

Now, coming to the guest capacity, The Christopher Wren Dining Room, which has 100
seats are usually used for formal dining. There are 94 seats available in the Christopher Wren
Room’s main eating area.
However, six extra guests can have a more intimate experience in the nearby Breakfast
Nook, including the wedding reception or particularly honored guests. As they dine, drink,
and celebrate your special day, guests will be in awe of the marble ceilings and the intricate
woodwork on the walls.

The Expenditure

Meadowbrook Hall’s wedding cost ranges from $2,000 to $6,500, covering the use of the
property’s grounds and mansion. However, depending on the day and season of the
wedding, this might alter. The official website provided this data.
Regarding the food and beverages fee, it seems that most couples received quotes of
around $150 per person. Of course, this could greatly vary based on your menu and the
season or day of the week. Hors d’oeuvres, soup, salad, and the main meal would all be
included in this price.
For instance, you may anticipate spending roughly $17,000 for a Friday night wedding and
$26,000 for a Saturday evening affair, including tax and gratuity. The Saturday night quote is
centered on a minimum of 150 people, while the Friday night estimate is based on a minimum
of 90 people. According to numerous reports, you should budget a minimal amount of
$10,000 in addition to the venue fee.

Photography Sessions

Meadow Brook Hall wedding can be nothing short of perfection. Your interior Michigan wedding pictures will be distinctive and beautiful, using the mansion’s grand, intricately decorated architecture as your backdrop. Also, many lovely and unique sites are available at the Dodge Mansion and throughout Meadow Brook, which are ideal for your outdoor Michigan wedding photoshoot.

Therefore, ask Meadowbrook Hall for recommendations on photographers. Hiring a
professional who has worked at this location will greatly improve your photographic

Benefits Rendered

This location offers complimentary wedding organizer services to guarantee that you can
enjoy your big day without stress. The wedding organizer will meet with you face-to-face to
get to know your plans, work with your vendors, and offer full support on the big day to
ensure everything runs well. Other leases and services include:
● Chairs and tables
● White linen tablecloths
● Mid-length skirts and tablecloths
● Flatware, china, and glass stemware
● All decor objects’ setup, dismantling, and clean-up

Things You Must Know About Meadow Brook Hall

To provide anyone considering having a wedding at Meadowbrook the chance to see the
mansion and get information, Meadowbrook hosts bridal open houses, typically in the early
spring. A tour and some refreshments are offered as a part of this free program.
Outside vendors are not permitted in the area, and on-site catering is available. If you have
already agreed to work with a vendor, be sure to cancel your agreement as soon as possible
to avoid hassles and late fines. You may still have something to present to your visitors,
including those who follow vegan or gluten-free diets, because the food options may be
Make sure everyone has transportation after the celebration since there is no on-site
overnight lodging.
Furthermore, the minimum amount needed to reserve the space varies significantly
depending on the week’s day and the month’s time.

Wrap Up

Remember that your style should indeed be reflected in your wedding venue. It should be
more about who you are rather than based on people’s likes and dislikes!
The Meadow Brook Hall provides fantastic wedding venue alternatives to fit every taste and
budget, whether you’re organizing an exquisite indoor wedding, a garden wedding in the
open air, or everything in between. So be ready to gasp in awe, as no other venue’s
stunning grounds and façade will leave your guests speechless.

Have a beautiful wedding day!

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