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The Jam Handy is the perfect setting to host your loved ones and express their individuality. Whether you desire a simple ceremony or a spectacular fairy tale affair, finding the ideal site is one hectic task to do! You shouldn’t undervalue the significance of selecting the ideal location for your wedding. The location you select for your event will significantly impact how memorable it will be for you and your guests. The venue you select is much more than just the physical structure itself.

As a result, here we have one more location, Jam Handy, as a wedding venue in Detroit, Michigan, that can spice up your event with a live band and melancholy fall themes.

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Jam Handy Michigan Location

On Grand River, directly 2900 East of Grand Boulevard, is a fairly nice event venue called Jam Handy. An interesting ancient structure with a lot of character. If you want to organize everything yourself and need a space to completely transform as per your choices, then this is the perfect place. You can turn this bare space into a fantastic wedding setting and let every wedding guest be taken aback and overjoyed as they enter this unusual venue.

Jam Handy History

The Jam Handy, a performing arts venue and gallery, is one prominent structure buried deep in the city of Detroit, Michigan. It is situated at 2900 East Grand Boulevard. This Gothic-Revival building is a landmark because the Jam Handy Organization, a business specialising in commercial films, home movies, and other AV aids, etc., used it as a filmmaking movie set from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Jamison Handy, an Olympic swimmer, founded the business in the early 1920s. As a result of its contribution to the development of the filmstrip medium as well as its production of training and industrial films for General Motors and the US military, the company has a significant historical significance for both American history and film history.

The structure is now one of the last remaining examples of the once-ambitious Detroit film industry, which was the biggest outside of Hollywood and New York City throughout the 1930s and into the 1960s. It also serves as a reminder of the Jam Handy Organization.

Jam Handy Wedding Reception and Ceremony Spaces

The history of the Jam Handy Building is extensive. From a critically renowned movie studio to a church studio and now as a wedding venue, this site is really a special one! The building is an intriguing artefact from a historically significant business during the time when Detroit’s film industry was thriving.

Jam Handy, a former film studio in Downtown Detroit, requires everything to be brought in because it is a fully empty room so that it can accommodate 300 guests for your ceremony. Whether it’s a hotel ballroom, an urban loft, or a vast ancient estate, wedding locations come in many sizes and kinds. When it comes to wedding venues, there is no set size, especially when you consider the couple’s aspirations for their special day. 

Moreover, bringing in items that you can suspend from the ceiling, such as floral arrangements, chandeliers, candles, or cafe lamps, can help to create a more intimate atmosphere in the venue. Utilise candles and lower the lights for a more natural glow. This atmosphere could also be created by pin spotting (or spotlighting tables) or by employing warm-coloured uplighting in the venue. No matter what, keep the parts you don’t want visible or used dark.

Apart from that, avoid investing in extravagant purchases, and consult an event planner about developing a setting that totally alters your room. Jam Handy also offers event organisers, which is why a wedding in Jam Handy is always stress-free!

Wedding Venue Pricing and Packages

This category includes one of a wedding’s biggest costs. It covers items and services like the officiant for the ceremony, event accessories, bar systems, catering services, venue rental, other plus various rental goods, a hotel room for the night following the reception, car rentals, costs associated with the rehearsal dinner, wedding cake, and desserts.

Every wedding is special, of course. The prices of your wedding could be more or lower. The Jam Handy wedding cost is assumed to be $2000 per person, yet for further details and to learn about the exact amount, contact their official site.

Photography Options at Jam Handy

Despite your best efforts to make sure all of your guests have a good time; a wedding should really only be about the two individuals who are pledging themselves to one another. Much longer than the cuisine or the ambience will be the memories you make on that day. A location for a wedding where everyone may make treasured memories is ideal. Jam Handy wedding photos will make your day look very beautiful.

Additionally, the architecture and location of the building may have an impact. Jam Handy as a wedding venue will appear stunning in photographs, and historical structures are full of unique angles ready to capture a fleeting moment in time that will be remembered forever. You may also approach the venue’s wedding organizer to arrange a professional photographer if you are unable to hire one on your own!


Nobody ever claimed picking a location would be simple. Furthermore, if you have a lengthy list to evaluate, eventually, they all start to blend. Nonetheless, when you do, you will both know it when you identify the spot where you can visualize getting married, and your ideal day will unfold from there.

Hence, Jam Handy is one of that beautiful and mesmerizing spots that you can truly consider taking vows with your other half. With all the services it renders alongside the ambience, it is indeed a must-visit for couples before they finalize their ceremony location because we bet you will be thrilled away to discover this undiscovered gem once it gets all done after décor and arrangements!

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

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