Ford Piquette Avenue Plant – A Classic Wedding Venue in Detroit

Image of Ford Piquette Avenue Plant as a wedding venue.

Any event can be held in a special and unforgettable setting at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. There isn’t an occasion that they haven’t celebrated: commercial dinners, weddings, Birthday Parties, press conferences, retirement celebrations, etc.

However, marriage ceremonies have remained at the top of all the events celebrated there! Their wedding ceremony and reception space have a unique backdrop because of the venue’s industrial ambiance. They can be adorned the area with trip souvenirs, dried flowers, and lovely, straightforward table settings.

But this isn’t all; let’s give you an overview of Ford Piquette Avenue Plant as a wedding venue!

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History of Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

It was the second Ford Motor Company manufacturing hub after the Ford Mack Avenue Plant and was constructed in 1904. The Ford Model T, the vehicle credited with sparking the widespread use of vehicles in the United States, was designed and first manufactured by the company at the Piquette Avenue Plant. Several different car models were built at the factory before the Model T. There were also the first tests of moving assembly lines for car manufacturing.

After being sold in 1936, the structure went through several owners for the remainder of the 20th century until being turned into a museum in 2001. The oldest automobile production facility still in use is the Piquette Avenue Plant. The museum’s displays are mostly centered on the beginning of the American automotive industry, and over 31,000 people visited it in 2018. The National Register of Historic Places recognized the structure in 2002, and it became a Michigan State Historic Site and National Historic Landmark in 2006.


From Woodward Avenue just on the west to Hastings Street on the east, Piquette Street in Detroit, Michigan, is home to the Piquette Avenue Industrial Historic District. The district reaches Harper and the Grand Trunk Western Railroad Line, respectively, one block south and north of Piquette. In 2004, it became a part of the National Register of Historic Places. Even though the neighborhood is now completely deserted and abandoned, there was 50,000 personnel working in plants there in the 1950s.

Ceremony Spaces at Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Ford Piquette Plant wedding is one to look forward to! To put it simply, the location of your wedding is referred to as the venue. Some locations serve as both the couple’s wedding ceremony and reception locations. At the same time, other soon-to-be-weds choose to use two wedding locations—one for the ceremony and another for the celebration. Understanding the type of space required for your big day and the possibilities accessible for your wedding day is vital because wedding venues are not one-size-fits-all.

Thus, if you need a venue with a vintage setting, with old-fashioned greeting signs, confined walkways with table displays on either side, sunlight reflecting off silver and glass, oil paintings hanging on the walls in ornately carved frames, musical devices, and most importantly, the early 90’s iconic cars, this is the place what you’ve been looking for!

Although everyone adores the simplicity and clean lines of a classic wedding, there’s something about antique wedding designs that really has people in awe. There have been many different eras to draw inspiration from; therefore, that could be the reason.

Reception Spaces

Think about reminiscing about your favorite era, whether it was the glitz and glamor of the Roaring 20s, the Hollywood glitz of the 1950s, or the hippy, bohemian vibes of the 1960s. The Victorian era’s romanticism, the Impressionist era’s hues, or the Renaissance’s splendor might all serve as sources of inspiration.

Its 67,000 square feet of maple flooring are braced by square oak beams and supports, and its load-bearing outer brick walls have 355 windows. There are two elevator-stairwell combinations at the Piquette Avenue Plant, one on each of its northwest and southwest corners.

The weddings in Ford Piquette Avenue Plant are usually preferred due to their interesting and memorable event setting as well as enough accommodation for ceremonies and parties because of the several floors. Their seating capacity is 250, and for walking events, 300. They collaborate with multiple preferred caterers for all your food and beverage requirements.

Pricing and Packages

Finding the venue of your dreams only to learn that it is out of your wedding budget is the most aggravating thing that can happen. Before you start looking at locations, the first step is to define and prepare your cost with your partner.

The most significant consideration is your budget when picking a wedding location. It’s crucial to consider the amount you can spend overall on your wedding.

Now, Let’s talk about the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant wedding cost. For a Ford Piquette Avenue Plant wedding, the rental fee is $2,800–8,650/event. It is depending on the time and day of the week for the services. You need to contact them on their official page.

Event services could be extra in certain locations but part of the overall price quote in others. Knowing your limitations can prevent you from getting let down by unforeseen expenses.

Photography Opportunities

Regardless of your choice, there are countless ways to make any historical period come alive in a vintage wedding. When choosing a photography backdrop for your ceremony, consider the architecture of your venue. Ford Piquette Wedding Pictures are always so gorgeous to look at! You can also decorate your reception space with antique furniture or emphasize vintage illustrations on your stationery. With a dress or haircut inspired by your preferred era, you can even add a vintage touch.

Moreover, when hosting a reception at such a where all classic cars were produced, why not use them as props? The best way to utilize this amazing wedding location! From the rumbled seats of the 1920s and 1930s to the large tail fin era of the 1950s to classic supercars of the 1960s and 1970s, classic cars offer the ideal setting for memorable photography to really convey the feel of an era to your photographs.


Hence, if you are searching locations for your wedding ceremony and haven’t visited Ford Piquette Avenue Plant as a wedding venue, then you are really missing something big! Check out this incredible venue if you’re seeking a truly mesmerizing setting. Your day won’t even be stressful because this cool factory offers catering, bartending, and rental things. At this venue, there is no gathering that is too big or small, including fantasy weddings and private parties.

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

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