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This hip and distinctive location, Eastern Market in Detroit as a wedding venue, is the perfect place to organize your spectacular event with high ceilings and uncovered brick walls. The staff is available all through the planning stage and works hard to make sure you have an amazing time in this stunning city.

So let’s take you through why it is a convenient private event location as a wedding venue on. It is industrial, adaptable, accessible, memorable, and much more!

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The district’s border was expanded in 2007 after it was declared a Michigan State Historic Site in 1974 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. On the east side of the city’s central business district, close to Lafayette Park and St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, is where you’ll find the this venue.

In 2006, the Eastern Market Corporation took over the market, which now runs it under a public-private partnership. The Eastern Market farmer’s distribution center, which features more than 150 food and specialty enterprises, is the largest open-air flowerbed marketplace in the country and the largest historic public market area in the United States. Approximately 45,000 people shop at the city’s famed market on Saturdays.

The market was originally used for selling hay and wood, but in 1891 sales sheds were erected, the Farmer’s Market was relocated from Cadillac Square to its current location, and it was given the name Eastern Market.

After World War II, more food producers and wholesalers migrated to the region, and it grew into a key node for the retail and food distribution sector.

Reception and Ceremony Space

The Eastern Market Detroit is a cutting-edge industrial wedding location. This industrial setting is ideal for a celebration of your wedding that is personalized. You and your friends can spend an evening in the busy city at the convenience of your own to your liking. This hip and distinctive location are perfect for organizing your spectacular event with high ceilings and uncovered brick walls. The staff is available all through the planning stage and works hard to make sure you have an amazing time in this stunning city.

The 5,000-square-foot warehouse serves as the event’s blank canvas. Tables and seating should be arranged according to your demands, and the decor should reflect your taste. During the event, take a breather on the 3,000-square-foot patio. You can invite up to 300 loved ones for a seated and standing events, up to 600 people.

The weddings usually occur in Sheds 2, 3, or 5. The first shed, Shed 2, was constructed in 1891. The shed’s renovation to add contemporary conveniences was finished in 2008 without compromising its original character. It isn’t offered during open market hours.

  • No-table capacity: 3,400 persons
  • 1,590 people can fit in at a table.

The most flexible option is Shed 3. It was built in 1922 and underwent a significant renovation in 2009. It has four sections, and on occasion, during open market hours, one of them might be offered (except on Saturdays).

  • No-table capacity: 3,120 persons
  • 1,891 persons can fit at the table.

In 1981, they constructed Shed 5. After an $8.5 million effort to renovate and improve, they finished the shed in 2015. A plaza alongside Russell Street and a community kitchen enclose it. Shed 5 contains a common room, bathrooms, and heating.

  • No-table capacity is 1,980 persons.
  • 1,128 persons can fit at a table.

Services Rendered

The Eastern has heating and cooling systems so that events are there year-round. The facility includes a distinctive roll-up garage entrance and a gorgeous yet eccentric galvanized steel ceiling with metal beams.

The location has a sound bar, and audiovisual, and lighting services are available for an additional fee. Skilled in-house bartenders offer bar services. For up to 50 people, the area has 10 benches and 5 farm tables, and there is plenty of on-site parking. Choose your suppliers for a customized day to your needs from a list of tried-and-true service providers.

The expertise and professional etiquette of the wedding venue staff are a feature of your special day that many of your guests will remember, whether it’s having a wedding gowns attendant or monsieur d’ on hand to assist and take care of everything or simply having white-gloved employees with unmatched attentiveness.

This degree of expertise not only ensures that the venue will treat you and your guests with professionalism and kindness but also guarantees that they’ll be able to react quickly if unanticipated circumstances arise.

Pricing and Packages

This historical group of warehouse-style buildings, some of which date back to the late 1800s, is one of Detroit’s most adored public institutions.

Three roomy “sheds,” each with a distinctly vintage appeal, are available. All include enormous windows, abundant natural daylight, and the possibility of catering kitchens and outdoor plaza areas.

An Eastern Market wedding cost ranges from $1,150 to $ 3500 per event, depending on the space you have reserved. Eastern Market Partnership, a company that has served the Detroit region for more than 125 years, benefits from your rental fees. The money earned through events goes directly toward their goal of improving citizens’ access to fresh food.

Photography Opportunities

The photographers love working at weddings there. The Dequindre Cut, which connects to Eastern Market, is where you can start your wedding photoshoot. All the fantastic art in this category is one of the unique features! And it is constantly changing. You will always discover fresh backdrops and patterns around the neighborhood to work with.

Moreover, for more of a rustic vibe in your pictures, get the breathtaking moments captured in the natural daylight sneaking through large curtains under the wooden ceilings. You may also use some props and get creative while using a flower backdrop for your stage area.


You might have looked at various locations in the Detroit/Metro Detroit area, but this one will surely stand out! You can invite your vendors to decorate the space, whatever you like, making it quite special. The location is absolutely amazing, near Detroit’s famed Eastern Market and just five minutes from downtown (which will be convenient for guests staying down there too).

They have on-site parking and a sizable patio that can you can use for the dinner hour, and also you will be able to use the spacious interior for both the reception and wedding ceremony. Thus, whatever style you choose will shine anyway in this one-of-a-kind wedding location!

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

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