Cafe Cortina – Wedding Venue in Farmington Hills, MI

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Cafe Cortina, originally built as an eatery, deals not only with foodie individuals but couples too! It has recently developed a reputation for hosting romantic evenings and unforgettable festivities. Its relaxed yet elegant setting is ideal for intimate and elaborate weddings and pre-nuptial gatherings.

Thus, It offers exquisite and exclusive weddings with patios, gardens, and little ornamentation in a countryside area. So, let’s get in deep to see what more Cafe Cortina as a wedding venue has to present!

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It has worked effectively to be more than merely a restaurant over its nearly four-decade history. The Tonon family established Cafe Cortina in 1976 on the grounds of an old apple orchard. Originally a “best-kept secret,” the restaurant has since gained national recognition as a top culinary destination.

Since its inception, it’s menu has mirrored the hearty, traditional Northern Italian cuisine from 150 years ago, presented in an elegant and contemporary manner. This “genuine” Italian gem was one of the nation’s earliest garden-to-table eateries, despite the concept being widespread today.

The cafe has maintained a garden on the property, providing around 70% of the summer vegetables required, including herbs, tomatoes, and peppers for grilling, resulting in a cuisine influenced by the seasons. Everything is cooked in-house, including the pasta and desserts, and most of the ingredients are sourced from Italy, Michigan, and California.

Therefore, now that everyone has witnessed the success of Cafe Cortina, this place is not just a source of good food, but it has successfully held a couple of weddings too! Customers have always emphasized the high quality of the food and the great service, giving it an excellent reputation in the hospitality sector.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

In Farmington, Michigan, Cafe Cortina is a stunning location for wedding celebrations. This breathtaking outdoor venue, which was built on the site of an old apple orchard, has been around for four decades. Now that the site recalls an Italian vineyard in the countryside, it provides a cozy and laid-back atmosphere for rustic wedding designs. Wedding festivities, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement parties, and wedding receptions will all be wonderfully exquisite, thanks to their interior dining rooms and outdoor patios.

The venue offers an elegant venue for small-scale wedding receptions with space for 24 to 150 guests. You can use the indoor or outdoor fireplaces for wedding celebrations. Wedding ceremonies and celebrations are outside on the patio during the warmer months.

After dinner, guests can gather and mingle around the stone fireplace in the Garden Room, which leads to private patios for dessert and coffee. The Italian countryside and vineyard environment create a friendly and laid-back atmosphere for any occasion. You can host engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and unique wedding receptions in exquisite, timeless style in indoor dining rooms and outdoor patios.

Cafe Cortina can host gatherings for 20–185 people. Service with great attention to detail and a free on-site event planner. For couples looking for a celebration and reception venue in the same location, “On-Premise Ceremonies” are by indoor or outdoor fires or on the patio during the warmer months.

Wedding Cuisine

The Cafe’s menu is nothing less than perfect. The talented and sincere wait crew, along with chefs Ernesto, Luis, and Hoffa, will exquisitely cater to your wedding celebration. The venue’s garden provides most of the food throughout the summer, while the off-season menu has carefully chosen ingredients from Michigan, California, and Italy.

The result is a selection of delectable entrees, appetizers, sides, salads, and drinks that they prepare meticulously. The catering team offers an unforgettable experience whether you are organizing a function for 1,000 people or a small and personal gathering of close relatives and friends.

Bar Services

Whether or not the attendees are heavy drinkers, almost every wedding reception has some kind of bar. The choices, though, can feel too numerous when you’re organizing a wedding. They usually have many bar options, like Champagne Toast, Cash Bar, House Liquor, House Beer, Limited Bar, House Wine, and many more!

It makes sense that the more choices you give your guests and the more upscale those selections are, the more you’ll pay for them. It all comes down to deciding what is most important to the couple.   The finest bar for your ceremony the guests, the celebration, and the wedding couple—will ultimately depend on various factors, not the least of which is price.

Pricing and Packages

The excellent personnel at the Cafe will be able to cater to your every want for your wedding ceremony in a wealthy manner. The wedding cost of Cafe Cortina is $250 and up per event, but to meet a range of wedding couples with various styles, interests, and budgets, they provide wedding event packages which is $152–164 per person. Accommodations, event management services, occasion rentals, lighting and sound services, and cake services are all included in their exclusive packages. Other services provided are Internal catering, linens, tables, and chairs.

Photography Opportunities

Farmington Hills’ Cafe Cortina is a quaint eatery that has long provided top-notch fare, service, wine selection, and ambiance. Those of you who have visited Italy are aware of how authentic the cafe is. Dining at this venue is superior to eating in Italy itself. With both indoor and outdoor choices available, this location gives you many possibilities for your wedding picture. There is a brick fireplace and overhead lighting on their wonderful patio, which adds to the ambiance. Photos taken there will make your day even more memorable.

Based on our extensive research, we propose booking the entire restaurant, both inside and outside, so you can have a complete experience and utilize all the interior and outdoor areas for a wedding photoshoot. You can take gorgeous wedding photos against the backdrop of beautiful summer gardens.


If you’re looking for a cozy landscaped garden setting in Farmington Hills, Cafe Cortina has you covered! This Italian-themed wedding venue accommodates 20 to 185 guests in the rustic vineyard environment. From the ambiance, exceptional services, and wedding organizer, this place is perfect for an intimate wedding.

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