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No wonder why the Bride’s Magazine named the Planterra Conservatory as one of the greatest wedding venues in the country. Weddings held here, are nothing short of a dream.

The West Bloomfield, Michigan-Lanterra area’s Conservatory is guaranteed to please with its profusion of flowers and a stunning glass ceiling. It’s the perfect environment, evoking charming old-world Victorian decor with just the correct balance of sophistication and elegance blended with exquisite playfulness. Let flowery cascades encircle you as you exchange vows, take sweet pictures, and mingle with your guests.

Thus, if you’re envisioning a distinctive location with lots of assistance from the on-site planners, consider commemorating your new chapter with your loved ones at Planterra Conservatory. This magical place offers wonderful facilities, a wedding organizer, and delicious cuisine, and the space itself is lovely, providing plenty of room for your dream wedding reception.

So, let’s get started to dive into more details about this marvelous wedding venue!

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History Of Planterra Conservatory

Larry M. Pliska launched the Planterra Corporation in 1973 as an inside landscaping business. Furthermore, the company ships both fake and live plants within the US. The Pliska family consists of founder Shane Pliska, his wife Carol (the CEO), and their son; all have an equal stake in the business. In 2010, the company expanded its primary operation by opening the Planterra Conservatory. Building work started in October 2008.

The West Bloomfield Conservatory was founded to fuse the pleasure of merely exploring an indoor garden with the ability to purchase plants. The 23,000-square-foot conservatory complex is large. Three adjacent glass greenhouses with European-style hipped rooflines completely enclose the area. Its roof regulates the complex’s heating outlets and cooling drapes for energy efficiency.

The building wasn’t intended to hold events. However, it has become a highly popular wedding location for couples around the nation, even hosting Olympian Tanith Belbin and Charlie White’s wedding.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

Weddings at Planterra can be breathtakingly beautiful. Couples are welcome to hold a heartfelt ceremony in front of the venue’s lovely flowers and natural light. Up to 200 people can attend ceremonies and celebrations held here. The bride and groom can get ready and spend quality time in private get-ready rooms before the festivities start. Moreover, the greenhouses’ neatly planted surroundings make for an exquisite setting for wedding photos.

The wedding here is a unique experience since the couples and their guests get enthralled by the night sky as it emerges through the conservatory’s glass ceiling and as the sun sets. This location offers parking and valet services, making it convenient for your visitors.

Planterra’s indoor ceremony sites provide the ideal scenery for breathtaking views from all sides. A maximum of 100 guests may be accommodated at the venue. On your special day, you’ll feel like you’re standing under a blanket of stars thanks to the ceremony site’s spacious, open layout.

The entire event area has been thoughtfully planned for adaptability and lovely lighting. The venue accepts your vision for everything from small, private weddings with close friends and family to lavish banquets toasting your better beginning together with all of your loved ones!

Also, the outdoor space in the Planterra Conservatory features a sizable reception area with unmatched skylights.

The windows of the Conservatory let in natural light, and the top has an open ceiling so that your guests may take in the scenery. This is undoubtedly one of Detroit’s most distinctive wedding locations to throw your party, complete with a cocktail, ballroom, and access to the patio area.

Pricing & Details

So, how much is a wedding at Planterra Conservatory? Planterra offers elegant substitutes and innovative answers to conventional wedding planning. Due to their team’s expertise in fancy weddings, they can plan your event to meet your requirements and provide an outstanding guest experience.

Catering and bar facilities are also offered for ease and convenience in planning, including a custom cocktail for a special toast. The on-site event staff is prepared to assist couples in their preparation process to minimize stress. Each pair who selects this garden location for their wedding receives specialized assistance. These services also include event rentals, with the conservatory providing essential furnishings like tables and chairs.

Now, onto the Planterra Conservatory wedding cost; the venue has a rental fee of $4000 to $6000 per event, depending on the day of the week, covering 6 hours of event time and excluding cleaning and set-up. Meanwhile, the ceremony fee is about $1,250 per event and food and beverage costs around $10,500–$19,500 per event. However, you may contact them at their official site for more details and information.

Wedding Photography Opportunities

The Planterra Conservatory wedding photos never disappoint. The Conservatory is flooded with natural light, making it ideal for your afternoon ceremony and dream wedding photographs. Your drink hour and reception party will have a beautiful backdrop.

This stunning setting was created to provide a naturally magnificent atmosphere for your precious wedding day and your reception videography. One-of-a-kind decor options for your event include candles embellished with colorful flowers, lush wreaths above, and accent walls wrapped in vines- all you need for magical pictures.

Ultimately, no more decoration is required. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the neutral walls, your photographer and videographer will have no trouble finding natural lighting practically anywhere, and your wedding photos will turn out to be gorgeous.

Using its network of trusted vendors, the Conservatory, as a wedding venue, can also assist you with outsourcing services like photography and entertainment. Indeed, it offers a timeless aura of magical wonder with its colorful and lovely flora!


The glass-enclosed Planterra Conservatory is a botanical attraction featuring indoor koi ponds, European trusses, and a striking gabion stone archway. Each venue reservation includes access to their premium planning services, which include in-house floral, cuisine & drink, rent, and valet parking.

Finally, couples who love greenery or even those picturing a tropical-themed event can find this conservatory to their taste. This full-service location can accommodate small-scale affairs and lavish events, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, want to know more about what they have to offer? Well, they are a full-service event planning firm with a magnificent botanical garden setting. They specialize in September to May weddings, so get your dream wedding location booked before it gets too late!

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

Check out their website for more details.

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