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When the heavens meet the cityscape, magic happens! And thus, Detroit Opera House, as a wedding venue, cannot resist but to offer you spectacular views of the city’s skyline while standing at the top of Detroit’s Theatre District to commence your magical journey.

Detroit Opera House, built as the first of a series of luxurious vaudeville and moving picture houses, is not just a home to Opera but to many couples taking vows and beginning the new chapter of their lives. The unparalleled cityscape views, as well as an interior with a rich history and design, make it an ideal place for wedding celebrations.

So, let’s just take a look at how this place can top the list of your wedding venues!


What is presently known as the Detroit Opera House first opened its doors on January 12, 1922, as the Capitol Theatre. The 4,250-seat theater advertised itself as the sixth largest in the world on the occasion of its gala debut.

The place was built with excellent acoustics and in the manner of the large European opera houses. It was conceived by noted Detroit architect C. Howard Crane, whose talent for theater design, brought him to cities across the country.

 In its early years, the theater went by several different names, yet it nevertheless featured notables like Louis Armstrong and 1950s rock and roll performers. The theatre’s turbulent 1970s and 1980s led to its 1985 closure following a small fire.

The Opera House had been abandoned for years. When the itinerant Michigan Opera Theatre chose to make it their home, it had undergone a stunning restoration. Michigan Opera Theatre now calls the Detroit Opera House home, and the city also hosts many of the top dance companies, Broadway productions, and concerts around the globe.

Reception and Ceremony Space

Detroit Opera House always aims to give more than expected! Couples can enjoy a sophisticated environment rich in architectural and cultural details here. Pick from a number of areas, such as the theatre’s main stage, which is the biggest in the state of Michigan and may be adorned for a lavish celebration. It is the showpiece of downtown’s entertainment sector, with embellishments fit for a fairy tale and golden accents from floor to ceiling.

The SkyDeck, another suitable site at this location, can be used for outdoor weddings. View the natural splendor around the SkyDeck for a one-of-a-kind and lasting experience. There are also several lounges that offer more private and private settings. This venue’s venues all provide an amazing setting for weddings and photos. Up to 330 persons may be accommodated in this venue.

In short, this ceremony and reception location offers a flexible setting for wedding celebrations of various sizes.

Services Rendered

The weddings in this Opera House are the most beautiful yet stress-less ones! That’s because they provide numerous choices for couples seeking a wedding venue for a range of wedding activities. Engagement celebrations, rehearsal dinners, bridal parties, wedding ceremonies, and receptions can all be held at this location. This location provides all-inclusive packages for increased convenience. They also provide a Wedding suite, cake, internal bar, external vendors, lighting, sound system, and much more.

Ceremony Pricing and Packages

In Michigan, the cost was anticipated to be $25,000 for couples in 2021. Both brides and wedding planners in Michigan anticipate a higher average this year.

According to Detroit Wedding Day, couples shell out $14,356 on average for their wedding site. This represents a significant portion of the projected $25,499 that newlyweds are expected to spend on average for their wedding in Detroit, which typically has a guest list of between 100 and 150 people. Still, if your guest list exceeds 150, the wedding cost might lie in the $35,000 range.

However, we still suggest you contact the Detroit Opera House authority for more details regarding the price, packaging, and exact wedding cost, as it is unavailable on their site.

Flavorsome Cuisines

Detroit Opera House is renowned for its delectable cuisine, staff, and top-notch service team. All meals are made on-site using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Hors d’oeuvres, buffets, chef stations, and other catering choices are available at the venue. You can choose a plated meal for smaller groups or family-style food if you’re having a big wedding.

Furthermore, on-site kitchen staff can accommodate a menu for seated meals, stations, or a social hour. China, Barware, flatware, linens, and glassware are all provided with this venue as necessary food and drink items.

Photoshoot Opportunities

When it comes to wedding photoshoots, one cannot think of any other location than this! Regarded as one of Detroit’s most stunning structures, it is nearby to three casinos, Ford Field, Comerica Park, and six renovated theaters.

From the theatre’s main stage to its SkyDeck, cozy lounges, grand foyer, and creative rooms perfectly suit wedding ceremonies and receptions. The historic, opulent edifice offers a vast assortment of sophisticated backdrops for event photography. No wonder why this place is nothing short of perfection!

Moreover, the best-kept secret in the city is Sky Deck, which is perched on top of the Opera House. The rooftop is a 6,000-square-foot event space dream come true with 360-degree views of the city. Even better, you can customize every aspect of the stunning outdoor area’s décor to your tastes.

Thus, who wouldn’t love to have their wedding photoshoot right under the shining stars of the skyline? You would be truly in awe after seeing how your pictures will turn out to be.

Final Takeaway

A lot of people who have attended weddings there believe that this theater connects you to a refined era, giving you a deeper understanding of the songbirds that came before you. However, it would become a more interesting and meaningful place for you if you plan to organize your wedding here!

Thus, when opting for Detroit Opera House as a wedding venue, all you have to do is to enjoy yourselves and celebrate with your loved ones. The special VIP treatment for the bride and groom, delicious fare, the ceremony’s rooftop sky deck view, and the old theater’s exquisite setting will be incredibly simple yet enchanting.  You don’t have to be concerned about anything other than making a few options, which will allow you to have a stress-free event.

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