Fall Wedding At A Marysville Wedding Venue – Danielle & Joe

Alexander’s Banquet Center, a Marysville wedding venue, is a great location for receptions. Danielle & Joe’s wedding was nothing short of amazement. During the Fall of 2022, I had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful moments, of this special wedding. It was a cool fall day. But the warmth and love from this couple and their families were enough to keep everyone cozy throughout the day.

Getting Ready

The day began with Danielle getting ready at their beautiful home. Her closest family and friends, including her bridal party, surrounded her. Meanwhile, Joe was getting ready at his best man’s house, preparing for the big day ahead. I was there to capture every moment, from the getting ready process to the final moments of the reception.

First Look

One of the most emotional moments of Danielle’s wedding day was her first look with her dad. As a wedding photographer, I was fortunate enough to capture this beautiful moment between a father and his daughter. Danielle’s dad was waiting for her with tears in his eyes, and as soon as he saw her, he was overcome with emotion. It was a touching moment as they shared a hug and exchanged a few words. As a witness to this moment, I could feel the love and connection between them, and it was truly beautiful to see. The first look with her dad was one of many special moments on this wonderful wedding day.

Bridal Party

Danielle wanted to create a special memory with her bridal party, and what better way to do that than by taking them to a beautiful park during the fall season? I was able to capture this moment when Danielle took her bridesmaids to the park for a photoshoot. The atmosphere was serene, with leaves falling gently and the warm hues of autumn in the background. Danielle took the time to say thoughtful things to each of her bridesmaids, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for their love and support. As they posed for the photos, there was an overwhelming sense of love and joy among them. It was a beautiful moment to witness, and the photos turned out to be stunning, capturing the essence of this wonderful wedding day.


The ceremony was held at St. Nicholas Catholic Church, which had a special significance for Joe, who had grown up attending services there. The couple’s dogs even made an appearance after the ceremony for some adorable photo opportunities. As Danielle mentioned to me, a moment with Mother Mary surprised both of them and truly took their breath away.

Bridal Session

After the ceremony, we headed to the beach to take some group bridal party photos. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and the beautiful fall foliage made for the perfect backdrop for the photos.


The reception was at Alexander’s Premier Banquet Center, the Marysville wedding venue. Danielle’s love of nature, with lots of greenery and a beautiful color scheme, inspired the decor. The couple’s families had different preferences when it came to food, so they tried to strike a balance between plain and spicy dishes. The food was abundant, and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. However, one of the most beautiful moments of the day came during the reception. The couple was waiting impatiently to hear the poem that Danielle’s grandpa had written for them.

One of the standout features of the reception venue was the huge dance floor, and everyone put it to good use throughout the night. The music was particularly special, with the couple’s dances being particularly memorable. However, what really wowed the guests was the genuine love that Danielle and Joe shared for each other and everyone in attendance.

As a wedding photographer throughout the years, I have captured many beautiful moments, but the wedding of Danielle and Joe will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a beautiful day with love, laughter, and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

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