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Enjoy an elite and luxury wedding at Pine Knob Mansion. There are undoubtedly many things to consider when organizing your wedding but choosing your wedding venue is one choice that cannot be undervalued.

Your wedding location will determine every other aspect of your special day, including the meal, the photography, and even what you should wear.

As a result, here we are with a Michigan-based Pine Knob Mansion as a wedding venue that can serve as the magical place where you will be tying the knot. The Stone walls adorned with swords and shields, extravagant chandeliers, and carved wood paneling is just a few of the special features that attracted many couples to choose this location for their big day.

So, let’s dig in for more details!

Pine Knob Mansion History

Colonel Waldon bought 840 acres of land in Clarkston, Michigan, in 1927 because he wanted a home where he could escape the outside world. He commissioned H. A. O’Dell to create his dream home. The outcome was a Not19-room English Manor house with an elevation of 1221 feet on Southeast Michigan’s highest point. For the keeper and his family, they built a carriage house a few miles away from the estate. His gorgeous carriages and fine thoroughbreds were kept in barns behind this residence.

Later, he brought in supplies from all around the world and used European artisans for the majority of the labor. For instance, it took over three years to carve the stone fireplaces, wood paneling, and oak screen. The arched ceilings and stained glass windows were also created by these artisans.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces at Pine Knob Mansion

Pine Knob Mansion Weddings are gorgeous. Venues with on-site lodging may be considered essential, especially when organizing a wedding with many out-of-town guests. Numerous locations provide good options for visitors, ranging from chic glamping to boutique-styled lodging.

The 840 acres of land, Pine knob Mansion, is not just a Mansion for people to visit and stay in but an outstanding wedding location due to a lot of glamorous rooms and spaces. It would not be wrong to say that this place has a thing that could make your wedding day ten times better with beautiful reception space and amazing services. This is why weddings in Pine Knob Mansion are always the most beautiful ones!

The Mansion has a total of 19 historically designed rooms with a 150-person capacity in total.

The “Great Hall,” with its beautifully arched ceilings and ideal acoustics, is one of the Mansion’s most magnificent chambers. The East and West walls of the building are lined with floor-to-ceiling arched windows that provide stunning views of the dawn and sunset. Just outside the main door is the Colonel’s library, which continues to be the library.

The Carriage house with an elegant structure, constructed in 1927, has a more modern design. It has a bar with a granite top, columns made of both light and dark wood, and crystal chandeliers. The magnificent windows provide a great view of the golf course. You can host your ceremony at the Carriage House’s outside pavilion. The Carriage House can accommodate up to 280 people.

There are many lovely ceremony options on the 850-acre property’s grounds: Landscaped gardens, calm fountains, and a sizable wooden gazebo with beautiful countryside among many pine trees and undulating hills. The gardens make a beautiful backdrop for pictures of the royal wedding at first glance.

Pricing and Packages

Imagine a location where architecture and nature coexist in harmony. Pine Knob, once a family home, offers two chic settings for your special day.

They take great satisfaction in providing excellent service and top-notch catering in a setting that your guests will cherish for years to come. 

However, you must ensure that the price range is within their budget, and they may not exceed it just for the sake of extravagance. The Pine Knob Mansion wedding costs $107 per guest and $110 on weekends. Moreover, you have to deposit $1200 in advance while booking the wedding venue. So, now it’s up to you when you want to throw a reception and how many guests you would like to invite!

Catering Options At Pine Knob Mansion

Do you wish to hire your professional caterers, or would you want your venue to provide cuisine as part of their service? This mostly depends on the type of food you want to eat on the big day; if you’re a real foodie, catering will undoubtedly be on your list of must-haves.

Thus, Pine Knob Mansion, as a wedding venue, offers you quite a variety of food in their catering services and super-friendly staff. Many people have reviewed their food quality spectacularly, so if you want all of your guests to rave about the venue and the amazing service, make sure to add on the outdoor bar because everyone would love that, for sure!

Photo Opportunities

Wedding pictures are as significant as bridal attire. The photo is a big aspect of wedding planning, from Instagram hashtag fads to picture photo booth ideas. Pine Knob Mansion weddings look breathtaking in photographs.

You may take stunning shots inside and outdoors of the mansion because it is so lovely. The rich and romantic garden, as well as the stunning ballrooms, can serve as the ideal location for wedding photoshoots. Conclude your memorable day by dancing under the sky and capturing amazing pictures with a beautiful scenic view.

Moreover, you can take some props as well with you to make your pictures more alluring and delightful.

Final Takeaway

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the venue you choose. It serves as the hub of your celebration, the layout for your wedding photos, and the setting for the creation of lifelong memories.

Thus, visit the Mansion, which is perched atop Southeast Michigan’s highest point and features stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and well-kept gardens. Both ceremony locations at the Carriage House have beautiful floors, window frames, and high ceilings with crystal chandeliers.

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