Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

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This blog is about the mistakes to avoid on your wedding day. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and to go smoothly. So, keep reading to know more!

1. Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day #1: Be Present.

I could shout this from the rooftop. YOU NEED TO BE MENTALLY PRESENT AT YOUR WEDDING! Or you will regret it. The day goes by so fast, and before you know it, months and months of planning are just over. But it is your day! You are marrying the love of your life. Be present, enjoy the day, and make memories!

2. Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day #2: Communicate.

Your vendors are going to be your biggest support system on your wedding day to ensure it runs smoothly. But you have to communicate with them. If you have any plans, ideas or visions, or even any slight change of plans, keep the vendors in the loop. If you have a wedding coordinator, they should be able to make your day go way smoother. But communication is going to be the key here! This is one of the important mistakes to avoid on your wedding day.

3. Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day #3: Losing Track of Time.

This is another crucial mistake to avoid on your wedding day. As relaxing as your day should be, you should also keep a track of time. Running behind can really negatively impact your day and mental peace. Try to plan the day with some wiggle room, and not very tight so that even if something goes wrong, you can make it work!

4. Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day #4: Forgetting Small but Important Things.

It’s very easy to make this mistake. On your wedding day, you realize that you forgot to write your vows, or to bring the rings, etc. This can ruin your day. Make a planner or a to-do list to stay organized. Ask your MOH or coordinator to double-check check everything is packed and good to go.

Fun fact: here’s a link to an amazing planner: https://www.amazon.com/Your-Perfect-Day-Wedding-Planner/dp/B07XLQD1ZV

5. Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day #5: Rushing Through Things.

This is coming from a photographer’s perspective. But if you rush through things, there is a possibility you will not any photos of that moment. Try to do things smoothly, with time, and with having your photographer around. As I keep saying this, the day will pass by so quickly, and if you do not have photos or videos, you won’t have anything to remember the day by.

It is easy to mess up. But once you know the mistakes to avoid in your wedding day, you got nothing to worry about!

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