It all begins with you filling out the contact form. Starting from that until the questionnaire that would be sent to you before your wedding day, all my elements will be dedicated to knowing you, your vision, your story, and what you want. You won’t feel like we are planning a wedding, rather you will be reminded why you are doing all this in the first place, and what makes your love so special. Detailed and strategic components like consult call, engagement questionnaire, engagement session, and wedding questionnaire, are going to be used so that I make no mistake in understanding what represents you the best way.

Getting to know you

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You deserve an experience that makes you enjoy your day to the fullest! I will be your guide, your coach, your hype girl through out your wedding day. While working with me, you can be assured that all your wedding photographs look natural, authentic and joyful. Years down the road, when you look at them, they will take you back to your big day.

Your personal guide

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Before you even know it, your big day will be here! That is when I put all my expertise and experience to work, to bring your vision to life. All the conversations, the discussions, the planning, this is where you see it coming through right in front of your eyes. My complete attention will be devoted on capturing the unique aspects of your wedding day, the unexpected moments, and the genuineness of you as a couple. My priority will be to make the day as easy as possible for you.  You just show up, be YOU, and have the time of your life!

Documenting in awe

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After you have officially married your best friend, I will get to my fun task, editing your pictures! Within 6-8 weeks of your wedding, you will have your love story ready to be admired by you and your partner. I will be in constant communication with you, anytime anything changes or if you need anything from me. We will find the best way to preserve your memories for generations to come.

Cherishing your fairytale forever

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Let's do this. Together.

The Process

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Photography will be the most important investment for your wedding day. You are trusting someone to document moments of your day, and exactly how they unfolded. You are trusting someone to make you feel exactly like your wedding day, years later, with pictures.

You invest so much time, energy, and money into planning your wedding.
At the end of the day, all you have to remember the day with are pictures.

Don't compromise.

The Investment Details

We wanted elegance and she gave us that and so much more! Giving us our dream European wedding at the comfort of Detroit. She captures such raw emotions that it's hard to seriously stop staring at every picture she delivered to us. She was such a joy to work with❤️❤️

Cherry & Sander

Working with Shuhrat was absolutely magical

Shuhrat was extremely professional, personable, caring, and just always in such a positive mood! She will let you have the direction or she will take over when needed - she did a wonderful job getting pictures of everything we wanted AND MORE! She will be the one photographer I will refer to friends and family over and over again - probably for the rest of my life. My wedding guests as well as family even loved her! She is very knowledgeable about photography, lighting, indoor/out door settings and she was even able to direct our bridal group of 14 people with absolutely no issues. Thank you for being so wonderful and amazing and sharing your talent with us on our very special wedding day!

Jithmi & will

you will miss out on some AH-MAZINGLY SPECTACULAR photos if you do not use Life & Lights.

I could not be happier with my experience with Life and Lights Photography! Shuhrat is an expert of every single aspect of her craft (framing, lighting, editing, directing, etc). I cannot recommend her enough!

Perri & eric

Shuhrat is an expert of every single aspect of her craft

Shuhrat was always before/on time. She kept a friendly and professional attitude throughout all the events. She was able to navigate successfully through all the hectic situations that are natural with a wedding and managed to capture some breath-taking photos of the memorable moments through our wedding. She gave us our photos shortly after the event with quick post editing time. she’s a truly talented photographer with an eye to detect the right moments to capture during any event.

Zolok & Disha

Shuhrat captured mesmerizing bridal photos of me that looked like they belong in a magazine.

Professional, talented, amazing, patient - those are just some of the understated words that describe my experience with Shuhrat and her photography services. I had the pleasure of having her photograph my wedding and she exceeded all expectations! I am very camera shy but as a new bride of course I wanted those “typical” wedding moments to be captured for memories. Shuhrat made me feel so comfortable and I didn’t feel like she was pressuring me at all. She was able to give me exactly what I wanted with little effort required! All of my guests loved her! I highly recommend Life & Lights Photography for capturing your future special moments! 100/10!!!

Tomaricka & Jacob

Shuhrat exceeded all expectations!

It was absolutely a pleasure to work with Shuhrat. She is super helpful and very knowledgeable. She helped us anytime we needed her and made the experience go so smoothly. I absolutely LOVE the photos and am so glad we hired her! Best decision we made!

Victoria & Isaac

Best decision we made!

Shuhrat is an amazing and talented photographer. What separates her from the other skilled photographers is her ability to make people comfortable in front of the camera. I am a introvert person and do not feel at ease in front of the camera at all. Shuhrat did a few sessions with me and my wife, and she was able to capture my best confident self without me even realizing every single time. She is patient and absolutely amazing with her composition and framing sense. She always delivers on getting the perfect moment in camera for you. She is also very quick and efficient with delivering her edits and has a really strong work ethic. Definitely recommend her and I look forward to our next sessions in future.

Shabib & Salmeen

shuhrat was able to capture my best confident self without me even realizing every single time

Until this point, I would always look at photos taken of me and say “wow I look awkward and weird”. But for the first time I looked at the photos and thought “damn I look pretty good”. Therefore, I will always recommend someone who has the ability to change my entire outlook and confidence when it comes to taking photos. Excellent work and I look forward to future shoots! From an introverted guys perspective, the idea of taking professional pictures was quite intimidating. However, as Shuhrat made apparent quickly, a photo session can be an extremely fun when you have the right person behind the camera.

Nathan & amee

It was so relieving to have a photographer who strays away from the cliche, looking at the camera images

Shuhrat is amazing to work with. She kept us laughing the whole time and posed us so well for our photos! They turned out so so perfect. Everyone was obsessed with our wedding photos and could not stop talking about them. The experience from start to finish was AMAZING! Definitely recommend her!

Angela & nick

The experience from start to finish was AMAZING!

Shuhrat is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! I was so worried and nervous about my wedding photos but Shuhrat made me feel very comfortable right away. She is super friendly and you can tell she loves doing what she does. Could not have asked for a better photographer! 

Noor & rahman

Could not have asked for a better photographer!

lovely words from clients

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