Castle Farms, Michigan – A Historic Wedding Venue

There are several lovely settings for your day at this magnificent location called Castle Farms as a wedding venue in lovely Charlevoix. When getting ready with your best mates, you can have a couple of mimosas in your bridal suite, and grooms and their guys can tour the beautiful castle, which feels more like a home while waiting for the day to begin!

Moreover, you can’t miss on so many other wonderful things about this historic facility in Northern Michigan, including excellent service and stunning architecture. The five distinctive reception halls at Castle Farms, located in a lovely resort town, each provide breathtaking views of landscaped gardens and courtyards.

So, let’s dig in to see what this place has more to offer!


Loeb Farms, a model dairy farm constructed in 1918 by Albert Loeb, acting President of Sears, Roebuck, and Co., was inspired by the stone farms and castles in Normandy, France.

With over 90 employees on staff at its height, the farm was Charlevoix County’s largest employer. It contained 13 pairs of Belgian draught horses and more than 200 head of prestigious award Holstein-Friesian cattle. Even its baseball team, the Sodbusters, existed there.

In 2001, Linda Mueller bought Castle Farms and got to work on a significant repair. In accordance with the original drawings, wings were added back, the roofs were renovated, and sizable gardens were built. Weddings were first held in the Castle in 2002. Then came family-friendly activities and events that turned the area into a destination.

The Castle has been used for various purposes over the years, notably as a performance venue. The design and the tale of the Castle made their present owner fall in love. After it had been abandoned for a long time, they revived this historical site.

Wedding and Reception Spaces

With exquisite features like courtyard chapels, elegant gardens, soaring towers, and stone archways, Castle Farms is the perfect location for a castle wedding. It is a place that your guests will cherish because of its timeless design. You’ll discover historical elegance and outstanding service here for every size wedding.

You can choose from various distinctive ceremony sites to select one ideal for your special day. The Castle provides five distinct ceremony and reception pairings, each as lovely and distinctive as the last!

With a total of four event rooms available, Castle Farms, as a wedding venue, has a room for every type and size of the wedding and offers you the chance to personalize each venue. Different rooms have features like stone walls and lofty ceilings that add to the opulent and historic atmosphere. Up to 350 people can be accommodated at this place Some possibilities are as follows:

  • Queen’s Courtyard and the East Garden Room (up to 350 guests)
  • The Queen’s Great Courtyard and the King’s Great Hall (up to 300 guests)
  • Knight’s Courtyard and the West Garden Room (up to 230 guests)
  • Knight’s Courtyard and Castle (up to 200)

This is, indeed, a photographer’s dream. The 1918-built Castle’s medieval fieldstone walls and majestic towers make for ideal settings in all weather.

Any size or style of the occasion will find a natural fit, from lavish weddings with expensive decor to more intimate celebrations with traditional designs. The Venue crew guarantees a fairytale start to any romance by providing all the essentials, including tables, chairs, white linens, and candle centerpieces. The staff has over 15 years of expertise in catering weddings, festivals, and private parties.

Castle Farms Wedding Cost

The pricing and packages are always the first things one should consider before selecting any venue.

Castle Farms wedding cost is $3500 to $10500 per event. However, the prices may vary from the day of the week to the season. It includes a private dressing room, tables and chairs, and assistant-venue coordinators.

The ability to pick the providers that best suit the couple’s tastes and budget is one aspect that makes the Castle so popular with couples! Although they have a fantastic list of recommended vendors, couples are free to choose the ones they want to collaborate with.

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

Food and Beverages

They allow couples to work with the caterer and bartender business that best suits their needs since the venue does not have an in-house caterer.

Using a private food service can frequently result in significant savings for couples. The option to bring their own wine and alcohol as well as drink wine with the Castle Farms label allows for significant cost savings on booze.

The distinctive quality of Castle Farms is its brand of wine! For four of their reception areas, couples may buy and bring their beer and alcoholic beverages to go with our house wine. Their brand of wine, 1918 Cellars, is the only alcoholic beverage they allow for weddings there.

Photography Opportunities

With this gorgeous location, there is no doubt that weddings in Castle Farms are always the most wholesome!

You’ll take pictures as you go around the grounds that will adorn your house for a very long time. Inside the magnificent castle walls, you can dance the night away. The Castle’s history and grandeur will equally entrance your guests. They will feel perfectly at home thanks to the exquisite interior decoration and meticulous planning you put into your wedding day.


Castle Farms weddings look like a fairytale. Old World Elegance, unparalleled Service, and so much more is available there. This prestigious Northern Michigan venue provides couples with five distinct reception areas. Stunning ceremony locations are coupled with these areas.

A Castle Wedding has a simple flow; your guests never need to leave the location for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or celebration. The Castle is a photographer’s paradise as well. The options are infinite, with 12 exquisite gardens available. Although their outdoor courts are beautiful, there is always a backup site in case it rains on your wedding day. To help with events, they offer on-staff venue coordinators and assistants as well as a list of top-notch preferred service providers.

Want to get expert opinion on if this venue is a right fit for you? Contact me and set up a consult call!

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